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the most important activities which are currently performed at the airport include:


1- Pilot training course (UL):

 includes 60-hour theoretical classes and 50 hours flying. In the end, international certificate will be issued by Civil Aviation Organization. This course lasts 3 months and attendant should be 15 years old at least. Women could attend in the course without any restriction. Theoretical major include but not limited to aerodynamics, conversations, meteorological, regulations and engine. Attendant will fly alone at least 10 hours after first flight. In this step, he or she has learned how they could fly independently. Following this, attendant will learn advanced maneuver and will do some navigation flight to different cities .


 2- buying , selling and assembling of ultra light airplanes:

Azadi Airport with wide variety of equipment is a leading company in ultra light airplane industry, which is involved in buying and selling this particular kind of airplane. Doing business on buying and selling is a simple task. Overhauling and other services will be done by experienced professional personnel.


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